Sunday, 12 April 2009

London Street Art

London Street Art; new stickers and paste-up art. Fresh from Portobello Road.

Street art is huge in London and UK, new art is constantly being stuck, sprayed, pasted and drawn onto every available surface, from walls to lamposts, pipes, and other street furniture like bins and boxes. Turn a corner and there's a new creation, it's keeping the city pulsating. Delve deeper to uncover the identity and purpose of the artist/perpetrator, and you discover a whole world of creative beasties.

A rapidly spreading form is Sticker art. This is a fast, effective way for graffiti artists to gain a following, but is increasingly being used by bands and more commercial brands and companies to market themselves cheaply.

Street artists are gaining notoriety, exhibiting in galleries and selling merchandise (Tshirts as well as higher-brow art). Ofcourse Eine's work on paper, and Banksy's go for thousands, and there are always new artists worth investing in. Councils like Hackney in London have been taking it seriously and preserving - or at least not destroying - pieces that they perceive pretty well to be worth keeping, well known examples being Banksy street art.

New street art caught my eye a few days ago, so I clicked the choice pieces for your delectation:

The Perlorian Brothers

The Perlorian Brothers make the most incredible, quirky funny adverts, for everyday products from Vim, to Doctor Pepper, to Domino's Pizza. I thought their sticker was intriguing and I'm glad it led me to discover their fantastic work. Go to or google them to see their awesome adverts. Not necessarily bad-boy sticker artists but great use of stickering as promotional tool in London.

CodeFC street art

This guy's done some interesting work. I've seen some of his stencil art around Portobello Road, London and took these pics of his stickers. He gets around, check his myspace page

LayLow FM Pirate Radio Station sticker.

ATG (AnTaGoniser) crew

These guys have done traditional spray tags, Panik does them in high places, stickers like the one below, and a line in Tshirts, as well as exhibiting, their last show was at the Pure Evil Gallery in March.

Amy Fresh - fresher than a moist towelette!

I'll have to take your word for it AF cos I couldn't find any info on you.

Myne street art

Nifty myspace page; Some of my favourite Myne images here. He's the one who likes crosses for eyes. Flashfry records also have a nice sticker here. The top sticker is for the band 'The more Assured'.
I'm not sure if the 'srk' sticker is a actually for Studio Rarekwai, who were responsible for the first peelable sticker book of illustration, graffiti, and graphics.

Nice sticker on Portobello Road, but don't know the artist: